Information about Coronavirus Covid-19

No doubt, like myself, you may be following the news information that is continuously coming out about the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19. I understand that this is a primary concerning issue for many at the moment for clients as well as our wider community. It may also be an additional source of anxiety for some at the moment.

Currently I am advising those who may need the most up to date information on what is being advised to the relevant government sources, such as the NHS website.  Here you will find recommendations if you are worried about symptoms. It also covers advice for potential planned travel and other associated questions regarding generally staying safe and well. Another useful source of information is the Gov UK website for UK specific advice.

Over the coming weeks there may be times at which we are advised to self-isolate in our masses, or also individually. You may be self-isolating in order to protect yourself or other vulnerable family members you are close. Or perhaps you have tested positive yourself. This may have an impact on being able to attend regular face to face therapy sessions.

Over the coming week I will be exploring possibilities and options in individual sessions. This is with a view to establishing what psychotherapeutic support is needed and how we can work together to ensure it is done in the safest way possible. Considerations include the option to continue therapy via an online secure means. This could include the use of VSee, a video chat software used in the medical profession. Should this not be possible for whatever reason, we can discuss other viable options.

However therapy is delivered, all standard and expected Codes of Ethics and Professional Practice will be maintained.

I will endeavour to be in touch via the usual means should it be necessary to notify you of any changes.