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Southdowns Psychotherapy is a small practice offering private counselling and psychotherapy to individuals in and around Washington, Pulborough.


Have the following thoughts ever crossed your mind about psychotherapy?

  • Therapy doesn’t apply to me.
  • Counselling is meant for individuals with mental health issues.
  • Discussing my problems won’t make a difference.

If you’ve had these thoughts, you’re not alone in holding these misconceptions! Participating in therapy can be a transformative and constructive learning experience, and today, its advantages are widely recognised. A growing number of people seek therapy at some point in their lives and openly discuss it. Therapy can not only help us navigate occasional challenges but also assist us in developing better and more satisfying ways of living our daily lives.

Psychotherapy serves as a valuable tool for profound personal growth and development

People may seek therapy for various reasons, and having the time and space to converse with someone about the difficulties they face can be a tremendous source of relief and support. What distinguishes professional therapy is the non-judgmental acceptance, unbiased perspective, and empathic dedicated attention you receive, which may not always be available from your closest relationships.

Psychotherapy is a proven process that unveils how your mind functions, why you react in specific ways, and why you connect with some individuals while struggling with others. It offers an enriching learning journey that an increasing number of people are benefiting from.

Furthermore, more individuals are choosing therapy when their lives are going relatively well, recognising that improved mental well-being has benefits that extend beyond moments of crisis.


Psychotherapy is a tool that can help you grow and develop in a profound way

People may come to therapy for a variety of reasons and there’s no doubt that having the time and space to sit and talk to someone about difficulties you are facing is of a huge relief and support. The benefit of seeing a professional therapist is that you will experience non-judgemental acceptance and non-biased and empathic committed attention. You may not always get from your nearest and dearest.

Psychotherapy is a proven process that will show you how your mind works, how you react in the ways that you do and why you get on with some people and can’t stand others. It is an enriching learning journey that more and more people are benefiting from.

Increasingly people are also opting to go into therapy at a time in their lives when things are going pretty well, recognising that the benefits of improved mental well-being go far beyond periods of crisis.

Individual, Couples and Groups

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Individual therapy is process between you and your therapist. It is one on one and the time and space are yours.


Just as individual therapy serves to help you overcome emotional obstacles and gain self-awareness, group psychotherapy can also provide valuable support in these areas. Group therapy entails a therapist working with a small collective of individuals simultaneously. This approach is particularly effective for those seeking to harness the collective insights of others to facilitate positive […]

Couples Therapy – Relationship Counselling

Couples therapy seeks to resolve issues and improve communication between two people. Your therapist’s priority is your relationship and both people will get equal time, understanding and attention. You will both have a chance to be heard and you will both work together with the therapist on the issues relevant to you.