Addiction is commonly be associated with drugs and alcohol, i.e. substances that have a clear physical effect on the body. But, it is possible to be addicted to any range of activities such as technology and gaming including the internet, sex, shopping, prescription drugs, solvents, work.

When you no longer have control over what you are doing, and it becomes something detrimental to your health, you may be addicted. It may have progressed to something which becomes obsessive and is an overwhelming desire to do. In these cases you may benefit from addiction counselling. At this point your habits are controlling you and it may have reached the point at which it is harming you.

Symptoms of Addiction

Regardless of what kind of addiction you have, you may experience a variety of physical and emotional symptoms that are having an impact on your overall health. You may have difficulty sleeping, poor concentration, low mood and depression, deteriorating relationships with your friends and family, lack of interest, poor work performance and your addiction is affecting multiple aspects of your life. The rush of dopamine, our ‘feel good’ hormone can have an impact on our body. Depending on where it is coming from and contributes to that ‘high’ feeling and rush that compels us to keep doing whatever it is. Addiction therapy will aim to support you to find more of a balance and a healthier and more productive life.

If your addiction is interfering with your daily life you may benefit from addiction counselling and psychotherapy.

What is addiction counselling?

If you feel your habits are controlling you, I will work with you to identify the nature of the addiction you have. I will work with you to identify the behaviours, thoughts and feelings behind your addiction. Together we will help you understand the causes and origins. We will work to build an increased self-awareness of what is going on for you and what propels you to your addiction. Importantly, we will also establish potential triggers as well as healthier coping strategies to support you through.

In addiction therapy our work will be focused on recovery.

If additional help is needed and your addiction is of a more serious nature, specialist help may be needed. I may advise on more specialist support such as rehab or maybe support groups to work alongside our therapy.

Different types of addiction

Technology addiction

Gaming addiction

Shopping addiction

Internet addiction

Sex addiction

Solvent addiction

Work addiction


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