Diagnosis vs. Person

As a therapist I see my role as someone who is there to listen to you as someone with a unique history and own story to tell. I believe everything we go through in life can potentially have an impact on who we are and how we choose to live our life. In this way, you are so much more than a diagnosis. You are the sum of your experiences.

You as a Person

When you come into the therapy room I am firstly interested in getting to know you. I want to listen carefully to your story with a view to understanding why you have decided to come for therapy with me and why now. During the early stages of our work together I will be interested in exploring with you what it may be you are wanting to change in your life. We will also look at how you might life to be after therapy has ended.

If there is a particular problem that has brought you to therapy, an early goal would be for us to find strategies to be able to deal effectively with that problem. For example, if you experience social anxiety in large groups we will look for strategies that enable you to be more confident in certain situations.

Following this stage, I will be interested in how you are in your life. What are your motivations, desires, how are you in your life and how do you lead your life. How do you think, feel and behave in your life, why do you make certain decisions and why not others. I will continuously be noticing the way you lead your life through what you are telling me. I will notice how you are, how we are together and I will be noticing patterns as we go along. Together our aim is to work towards establishing what patterns are no longer fulfilling and what patterns are ones you would like to change.

All the time the focus is on you. Your story, your experience and how you are in the world.

A Diagnosis?

My role as a therapist is not to diagnose in the medical sense of the word, I do not see issues in the therapy room that need resolving or ‘fixing’. I see a person who may have learned particular coping strategies for dealing with their own trauma or adversity. In that way, the patterns that you have learned have been essential survival techniques, so well done you!

At some point however, you may feel previous learned behaviours are no longer applicable to how you now want to be. I am here to support you in updating ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that are more in line with how you want to be now. I do not need a diagnosis or a label for this. Together we may be sitting in the unknown and we will explore what is right for you, nobody else.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about how we can work together feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation initial meeting.

World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day and the focus for 2018 is young people and mental health in a changing world.

Mental health, also known as emotional well-being, isn’t just something those with poor mental health, it is something we should all prioritise as part of our overall general health. It just as important as physical health and merits a similar level of awareness. Issues with our mental health can sometimes start in young people and providing sufficient support for early interventions is crucial.

Our mental health is concerned with:

  • Our thinking, feeling and behaviour
  • How we cope with life events and experiences
  • Our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world around us
  • How we are affected by stress
  • How we deal with stress

The majority of any mental health issues will occur by the time someone is 24 years old. Young people have a huge amount to go through during school years including exams, adolescence and puberty, bullying and self-harm, changing schools and making new friends, growing and learning about themselves constantly and so much more. Currently there is not enough funding or resources available to ensure that those young people needing mental health support have access to help. Yet early interventions could make all the difference.

Be Part of the Solution

Mental health for young people needs to be a priority for everyone. It’s also very easy to be part of a solution and to facilitate help and support where needed.

  • Keep the conversation going
    • Mental health issues are not going away. Being open to talking about issues or experience you may have and feel able to share will help increase awareness.
  • Notice what is going on for the young people in your life. Check out the poster below for signs to look out for.
  • Do basic training in Mental Health First Aid.
  • Promote open communication and transparency with the young people in your life. Often, starting a conversation could be the biggest hurdle.
  • Remember that it is healthy to talk about your feelings. Being able to do this with young people may encourage them to be able to do the same.

Mental Health First Aid

Click on the image below to download the pdf poster version free courtesy of MHFA England (Mental Health First Aid England).

There are many resources available online for finding support for young people including here.

Psychotherapy at Bluecoats Sports Club Horsham

Southdowns Psychotherapy is also now at Bluecoats Sports Club in Horsham

I am pleased to announce a second location for Southdowns Psychotherapy.

In addition to a base in Washington, I will offer psychotherapy and counselling services from the therapy room at Bluecoats Sports Club in Horsham. The therapy room is a private room beyond the gym and offers a convenient location close to Horsham town centre. Bluecoats Sports is located within the grounds of Christ’s Hospital school to the south of Horsham town centre. It is within easy distance of the A24 making it accessible to locations up and down the main road including Southwater, Barns Green, Broadbridge Heath, Mannings Heath, Nuthurst, Maplehurst, Billingshurst and surrounding areas.

Bluecoats is under 10 mins walk from Christ’s Hospital train station

I can offer limited times at both locations and welcome you to mention your preferred location when you get in touch.

Bluecoats Sports Health and Fitness Club
Christ’s Hospital
RH13 0YB