psychotherapy for anxiety

We may all be anxious at some time or other in our lives and other words used include nervousness, worry, concern or self-doubt, among others. When our anxiety goes beyond our control and becomes something that takes over it can be highly destructive and have huge impact on our life.

Anxiety may take a variety of forms and will be different for each of us. It may include intrusive thoughts, difficulties concentrating, agitation, nervous tics, difficulty eating and/or sleeping as well as a whole host of physical symptoms that could be so severe they result in panic attacks.

Psychotherapy for anxiety will explore your individual experience and feelings and look at ways that work for you. We will work to explore potential triggers, self-awareness of the way you feel and why you feel the way that you do, systematically addressing the underlying causes of your anxiety. Together we will be able to minimise the destructive impact your anxiety has on your every day life and we will work on introducing different coping strategies and mechanisms.

Where appropriate I also incorporate Mindfulness into therapy sessions as a useful tool to help manage and moderate your thought processes.

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