No matter what kind of issue you may want to focus on, all therapy begins with awareness. If you have an idea of how an issue is affecting you or if you are aware of the area in your life you want to change, therapy can help unlock what’s going on. It can heighten your understanding and awareness about the impact it is having on your life. This is the first step in your self-development journey.

TA for Self-Development

My primary modality is Transactional Analysis. As as an integrative and systemic approach in psychotherapy, TA is a fantastic model to use to help us understand our own structure of personality. It offers a way for us to understand our own capacity for personal growth and change. TA can help us understand more about how we are structured psychologically. To do this it makes use of accessible and easy to follow models, such as the ego-state model. This particular model – the diagram on the right – is used to aid understanding of how people function and how we express our personality in terms of behaviour. Where useful and appropriate, I may use the ego-state model in sessions.

As TA is an effective way of understanding people it is often used in educational and organisational settings. It is used to help make sense of people and interpersonal communication. In such cases consultants will be called in to establish and improve on effective communication in the workplace. It is an incredible accessible, usable and user-friendly tool for self-development.

TA For You

Psychotherapy for self-development can help you to be the person you want to be. It can help you through stuck periods in your life, help you reach your full potential and enable you to have more fulfilling and enriching relationships.



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