Online Therapy

In the current changing climate there is an increasing demand for online therapy.

At the moment the constant media coverage of the Covid-19 crisis means that more people are looking for help online. It also means that many therapists are looking to be able to continue their practice online. Having an opportunity to engage in online therapy is a way of maintaining psychological contact when physical contact isn’t possible.

To support my practice and to ensure continuity of psychotherapy sessions, I currently offer online therapy. I recognise that there may be times in which we cannot meet face to face because you may be either unwell, or self-isolating. Having online counselling may also provide an opportunity for those who may for whatever reason, not be able to leave their house, or who find this difficult.

Working Online

I am fully qualified and have worked in a variety of settings and with different groups catering for different needs. I also have a great deal of experience in working online and making the most of the technological world we live in. I will always ensure that all online work also adheres to ethical guidelines and I have a standard therapeutic agreement that specifically addresses online work. This includes information on my digital policy and guidelines.

While there are important issues to bear in mind when working online, it will be the working therapeutic relationship that we can build and have together, that will be the focus of our sessions together. We will collaborate closely just as we would when meeting face to face. I will encourage you to explore and reflect on your past and current experiences in a way that will support you moving forward. Through this gentle exploration you may find you are able to gain additional clarity and reassurances about what is going on for you. Together we can facilitate positive transformation and change.

Things to Consider​​​

  • Do you have somewhere comfortable and confidential for the duration of the session?

  • Do you have a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone?

  • Do you have a stable and reliable internet connection?

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about online therapy, get in touch and we can discuss options.