Online Therapy

In our ever dynamic climate, there is an increasing demand for online therapy.

Since the Covid-19 crisis, more people are looking for help online. Simultaneously, many therapists are exploring the option of providing online therapy to maintain psychological support when physical meetings are not feasible.

To ensure the continuity of psychotherapy sessions and to accommodate situations where in-person meetings are not possible, I now offer online therapy as part of my practice. I acknowledge that there may be times when face-to-face sessions are not viable due to illness or self-isolation. Additionally, online counselling can be a valuable option for individuals who may have difficulty leaving their homes or face other constraints.

Working Online

Regarding online work, I hold full qualifications and possess extensive experience in diverse settings and with various client populations. I am well-versed in leveraging technology for therapeutic purposes. It is essential to note that my online practice adheres rigorously to ethical guidelines, and I have a standard therapeutic agreement that specifically addresses online therapy, encompassing my digital policies and guidelines.

While there are essential considerations in the realm of online therapy, the primary focus of our sessions will always be the therapeutic relationship we establish. We will collaborate closely, much like we would in face-to-face sessions, as we delve into your past and current experiences to facilitate your personal growth and development. Through this thoughtful exploration, you may find newfound clarity and reassurance regarding your circumstances. Together, we can work towards positive transformation and lasting change.

Things to Consider​​​

  • Do you have somewhere comfortable and confidential for the duration of the session?

  • Do you have a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone?

  • Do you have a stable and reliable internet connection?

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about online therapy, get in touch and we can discuss options.