Covid Guidance

In order to continue to provide a safe environment for in person sessions, the following Covid guidance is in place.

I always have antibacterial hand sanitiser in the therapy room. This is available for anyone to use at any point. I will also wipe down any surfaces that a client may use or has touched in between sessions. This includes the toilet. I also ensure that there is a minimum of 30 minutes between in-person sessions to give sufficient time to air the room and aid ventilation. Clean glasses and fresh water is also provided for each client. Clients are also encouraged to make online payments where possible.

I respectfully ask that anyone who has a temperature or symptoms that could be indicative of Covid, or who has tested positive for Covid, does not attend sessions. I would also appreciate being informed so that I can ascertain appropriate next steps, if necessary. Zoom sessions can be arranged with notice in lieu of any face to face sessions that someone is unable to attend.

I appreciate that regulations and policy are continually changing in regards to Covid and as the autumn and winter seasons approach it may or may not become more prevalent. I appreciate that there is also no mandatory requirement to currently test for Covid. Hopefully to many people the infection is not of major concern. However, I may also work with people for whom taking extra precautions is important for their health, or the health of a loved one. On this basis I hope that together we can work to ensure the most appropriate and safe environment for all.